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What Is Shio Ramen? One of the Best Lesser-Known Ramen Types

Shio ramen looks like this… Ever wondered what “shio” is? Shio means salt in Japanese. So this ramen is a noodle dish with a salt-based broth. The word before ramen usually refers to the type of soup it is. Let’s look at other examples: Shoyu ramen soup is made of soy sauce, miso ramen soup is made of miso, And tonkotsu ramen soup is made of tonkotsu (pork bone). You might think... What does shio ramen taste like? Shio ramen has a thin and simple taste compared to other ramen types. That is the best part of it, and what I find myself always craving. You will taste the flavor of chicken, clams, or different types of seafood in the...

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Ordering Ramen: Learn How Pros Pick the Best Ramen Dish

Have you ever been hesitant or afraid of making a mistake when ordering a ramen dish at a ramen restaurant? If you have, you might probably think… 1) It is a type of foreign food so I don’t know the system. 2) The vocabulary used on the menu is not familiar to me. 3) I don’t know what the best choice is. 4) I don’t know how to customize my ramen noodles. And you are confused and nervous. But don’t worry because here I am... Kota is my ramen best friend and we always go out to eat ramen together. According to him, I always pick the better ramen dish and I pick the best dish out of the menu....

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