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Answered: Can You Cook Instant Noodles with Hot Water?

Yes, you can cook instant noodles with hot water. You don’t have to use a stove. Here is how to do it… Open the package and put noodles into a bowl. Pour hot water into the bowl and use a lid or plastic wrap to cover the rim of the bowl. Wait for 3 minutes. Get rid of the hot water. Pour 2 new cups of hot water into the bowl Use the seasoning packet and mix with the noodles. Done! 1. It is easy right? The kitchen cupboard that my mom stored different kinds of instant noodles in was a treasure box for me. I used to run some experiments using them after my elementary school. Thinking back, that...

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Hakata Style Ramen: The One and Only Fact You Must Know

Hakata style ramen is a kind of tonkotsu ramen noodle. It has white cloudy  soup and… Straight and thin noodles. 1. Hakata style ramen tastes really good During My summer vacation I stayed in Tokyo by myself for the first time to go to a cram school, I discovered Hakata style ramen literally next to the cram school. I got instantly addicted to the ramen there...   2. Hakata ramen soup is milky and has a taste of pork broth and soy sauce Do you know the reason why Hakata ramen has this cloudy soup while shoyu ramen has brown translucent soup? This is because you boil it in high heat when you make Hakata style ramen broth. And you...

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7+ Meat Toppings for Even Better Tasting Ramen

My recommendations are… Ground pork, pork chashu, chicken chashu, and roast beef. 1. Meat toppings gives you joy The ramen shop that I used to eat at on my route to work is called Ramen Oyama. It was next to Lawson, which is a convenience store in Japan. Chashumen was the most expensive dish there. When I worked hard and felt very tired at the office, I ordered a bowl of chashumen for myself as a reward. 2. Pork chashu Chashu is a thinly-sliced piece of braised pork. Imagine this: Umami-rich, melt-in-your mouth, tender, marinated thin pork slices on top of a piping hot bowl of flavourful ramen. Chashu Recipe: 3. Ham Ham has a nice flavor and soft texture....

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Ramyun vs Ramen: 5 Critical Differences You Must Know

Ramyun is a Korean word for ramen, especially for instant ramen. 1. If you like ramen, you might like ramyun too In May of my freshman year, I was invited to my classmate Jun-won's apartment. He was my first foreign friend, and he cooked ramyun for me. My reaction was... "It is too spicy for me, I cannot finish it!" I didn't have much exposure to spicy food growing up. But now, I am fine eating this kind of noodles. And quite enjoy it too! 2. If ramen is Anakin, ramyun is Ahsoka And lamian is Obi-wan. So ramen was a padawan of lamian. Long time ago, lamian was introduced to Japan and the Chinese style noodles evolved into the...

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Soba vs Ramen: 6 Ways to Improve Your Understanding of These Japanese Classics

The biggest difference is… soba is made from buckwheat flour, and ramen is made from wheat flour. Soba soup has a little bit of sweetness compared to ramen soup. Because you use mirin in the soup of soba noodles. The broth of soba has a traditional Japanese taste. It is made of kelp and bonito, While ramen broth is made from chicken, pork, some seafood, and some vegetables. 1. If you like ramen, you will like soba The day I was 15 years old, my dad picked me up from my middle school. It was a snowy day. In the car, I told him I failed the entrance exam for a private high school. My dad said,  "If you can't...

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