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I tried to find out the real meaning of ramen. Even I didn't expect what I had found.

I think you already know, but ramen looks like this… 1. Exactly when you call a noodle dish "ramen" is.. Ramen is a Japanese soup noodle dish. It consists of wheat noodles, soup, and toppings like soft boiled egg, pork BBQ, and green onions. Noodles of ramen are shaped like long string pieces. Some of them are straight and some of them are wavy. And they have a nice bouncy chewiness.  Ramen noodles are made of wheat flour, water, and kansui. Soup of ramen is made up of water and a combination of pork bone, beef bone, chicken, bonito, kelp, mushroom, dried sardine, or scallops. Chefs boil the ingredients for a long time to make the umami soup rich. 2....

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Calories in Ramen Broth: 5 Ramen Broth You Must Know About Now

Ever wondered how many calories are in a bowl of ramen broth? Here are the calorie counts on some of the most popular ramen broths. 1. Calories in shoyu ramen broth is 36 calories Shoyu ramen looks like this... Soup of shoyu ramen is made of… Chicken bones,  pork bones, bonito, dried sardine, or kelp and green onions, garlic, and gingers for soup stock, Soy sauce and sake make up the sauce, And some flavored oil. 2. Calories in tonkotsu ramen broth is 30 calories Tonkotsu ramen looks like this... The soup of tonkotsu ramen is made of… Pork bones, garlic, and ginger for soup stock, Kelp, salt, and soy sauce for sauce, and some flavored oil. 3. Calories in...

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